The 7 Deadly Sins Shows

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7 Deadly Sins: MainStage

Now in its fourth season, 7 Deadly Sins: MainStage is more than Portland's most sinful live storytelling show. We are, according to Longreads Magazine, the first live storytelling show in the country to commit to paying all of its on-stage storytellers.

We feature wickedly true stories of sin from artists, comedians, authors, celebrities, religious leaders, and every other kind of sinner imaginable. Every other month, we showcase tales from these real-life sinners on how the road to temptation led them into danger, laughs, exile, love, pain, pleasure, sorrow, discovery, evil, joy, death, and sometimes even redemption. 

Each show features music composed or arranged for the stories by guest artists such as Lenore, Louise Woodward, or Skamokawa Swamp Opera.

Plus: Prizes, games, pizza, and enough yummy adult beverages to make you consider going out and creating your own true story of sin.

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7DS: Spoken @ Pickathon

7DS Spoken is a joint venture with Pickathon, the Northwest's premier all-independent music festival that Rolling Stone magazine described as “the Coachella of indie music.”

Spoken mixes slam poetry, author readings, performance art, rap, and traditional storytelling, and threads them all together with live music from our amazing house band, Skamokawa Swamp Opera — all on Pickathon's beautiful Woods Stage. Better still, when you’re not watching Spoken you’ll be able to take in the kind of independent musical artists Pickathon is famous for attracting.

Trust us when we say you have never seen anything quite like 7DS: Spoken.

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7DS: Pants On Fire!

Join us at the White Eagle Saloon as seven amazing storytellers take the stage to tell you some of the most outrageous, hard-to-believe, 100% true stories you've ever heard. The problem is, one of our storytellers will be lying to your face, telling a complete whopper that never happened.

Think you can figure out which ones are telling the truth, and which one's pants are on fire? If you can, you might win a bunch of cool stuff, including sponsor swag, concert tickets, and an overnight stay at the Edgefield, Kennedy School, or White Eagle Hotel.

Not sure you can guess the liar? No worries! There will be other ways to win valuable prizes throughout the evening, including a chance to take on one of your fellow audience members in our Pants on Fire Two Truths & A Lie Mano-y-Mano Cage Match!

At the very least, you'll walk away with seven of the best, craziest, most outlandish stories you've ever heard. And six of them will actually be true.

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7 Deadly Sins: Voices

7 Deadly Sins: Voices features stand-alone works by artists of different mediums to push the very boundaries of storytelling.

The stories told in voices might be told via performance art, visual arts, music, dance, theater, poetry, or anything else, really.

Our first Voices show, Andrew Dickson’s Kids These Days, premiered in April, 2019, was a piece of performance art that asked the fundamental question, why do we break up people into marketable generations, and what do we stand to lose when we do so?

We are currently working on our next Voices project.

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7DS's newest show takes place at Mississippi Pizza.

ROUGH DRAFT takes audiences behind the scenes - and possibly onto the stage - of a live storytelling show. We’ll take volunteers from the audience who have a story they'd like to tell, and together with our audience & panel of celebrity coaches we'll shape that story into a work of art.

If you've always wanted to try storytelling, ROUGH DRAFT is the place to find supportive, positive, constructive feedback to give you the confidence to take it to the next level. 

If you're an old pro, ROUGH DRAFT is the place to hone that story you've been trying to get just right for a bigger stage.

Mostly, though, ROUGH DRAFT is a great place to come for an evening of great stories. 

And because it's a 7 Deadly Sins show, we're also planning on some surprises which should make it a wee bit wild and a whole lot of fun.

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7DS: Confessions

7 Deadly Sins presents the world’s first storytelling-reality-game show: 7DS: Confessions. And while we’re keeping everything pretty tightly under wraps, we can say this:


Coming Summer 2019.