7:30 pm19:30

7 Deadly Sins: Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll

We're kicking off our second season with a music-filled evening of live storytelling featuring five 100% true cautionary tales of living the Rock & Roll Lifestyle.

Tickets on sale beginning July 11.


7:30 pm19:30

7 Deadly Sins: The Wrath Show!

SOLD OUT! Come see five fantastic stories of the sin most likely to leave an actual scar: WRATH! 

For our February show, we'll be featuring absolutely true tales about the dark side of the 'French People's Favorite Clown,' the unspoken risks of modern dating, the true cost of facing a parent's wrath, how getting back to nature can be a truly terrifying (and deadly) experience, why you and your cat should be far more suspicious of one another than you are right now, plus much, much more. All that and prizes, games, pizza, and yummy adult beverages. 

February 23rd at the historic Mission Theater.


7:30 pm19:30

7 Deadly Sins: The Holiday Show!

Come enjoy five amazing true tales of holiday heartbreak, hilarity, and horror by our own little storytelling Island of Misfit Toys. It's the bracing cheap shot of whiskey you'll need to wash down the sticky, overly-sweet, saccharine-y Egg Nog that is the Portland Holiday Season. 


7:30 pm19:30

7 Deadly Sins: The Lust Show!

Join us for a pre-Halloween night of stories about everybody's favorite sin: Lust. And as if that wasn't enough, we've decided to give this month's show a little tweak. 

For our Lust show, we will honor the time-honored tradition of lying about one's sex life with a game we call Five Truths & A Lie! 

Come to the Lust Show and hear five of our storytellers tell amazingly true stories -- and one charlatan telling a total whopper. Think you can guess which one is the liar? If so, you could win a special overnight Lust Package at the McMenamin's Edgefield. 



7:30 pm19:30

7 Deadly Sins: The Inaugural Show!

For our first ever show, we'll be featuring true stories about Pride, and how can it lead you to your fall -- or not.

Join us as our storytellers take us into real-life tales of forays into foreign prisons, standing up to the most unlikely of bullies, a priest being tested by God with an impossible task, why snakes and stardom don't mix, and how, sometimes, the road to redemption is found in a mirror on the ceiling of a Best Western.