7 Deadly Sins: Fight or Flight

Join us on Sunday, October 27th at Curious Comedy Theater as 7 Deadly Sins proves that truth is scarier than fiction.

Fight or Flight kicks off Halloween week with all-new totally true tales of terror that examine what to do when the Devil finally comes to get you, how to best proceed when you realize your spouse has been replaced by a doppelgänger, the frustration of your biggest fear being something no one else is frightened of, the unexpected anxiety involved in trying to beomce an alpha predator yourself, what exactly it is a murder of crows is murdering, and that moment you realize the most terrifying thing you can imagine is already in your house.

Featuring stories by Trystan Angel Reese, Chris Williams, Terri Knight, Britton Taylor, and Karl Middlebrooks, all told to the witch-folk music of Lenore.


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7DS: Pants On Fire! @ The White Eagle

Pants On Fire! features seven storytellers telling the most insane, outrageous, hard-to-believe stories from their own lives. The catch? One of those seven will actually be telling a bald-faced lie -- a whopper that never actually happened. 

Think you can spot which of our seven storytellers is the liar? If you can, you might win a stay at McMenamin's Edgefield Hotel on us.

Not sure you can which is guess the liar? No worries! There will be other ways to win valuable prizes throughout the evening, including a chance to take on one of your fellow audience members in our Two Truths & A Lie Mano-y-Mano Cage Match.

Even if you don't win, you'll walk away having heard seven of the most wild, outrageous, hard-to-believe stories ever told on a Portland stage -- and six of them will actually be true.