Kids These Days with Andrew Dickson

Friday April 12 @ Mission Theater

7 Deadly Sins is proud to present the launch of its new 7DS: Voicesseries with the world premier of Andrew Dickson's Kids These Days at Portland’s historic Mission Theater.

Kids These Daysis part storytelling, part comedic monologue, and part TED Talk about how much and fast the world has changed, how awful and amazing it is to be a parent, and the generational politics of baby boomers, generation X and Y, millennials, and whatever kids younger who were born a few years ago are going to be called. 

For example, Andrew will perform his ABC book, written for the world kids are going to inherit. ("A is for Apple. They make the bright, colorful devices we pay attention to instead of you.") And he’ll present his list of things he didn’t know about until he was an adult that his kids experienced by the time they were 5 (from pho, dim sum, and sushi, to a black president). 

The show will feel a bit like a full-length comedy stand-up special, weaving together a dozen or so stories, lists, rants, and audience participation that all relate to the above themes of change, technology, kids, parenthood, childhood and adulthood.

Oh, and PowerPoint. There will also be PowerPoint.

We expect this show to sell out before day of event, so get your tickets today.


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Join us on April 16th at the Portland Center Stage Armory as we officially kick off our fourth season with our first MainStage show of 2019, 7 Deadly Sins: Stranger In A Strange Land.

Featuring new stories by Reema Zaman, Samira Irani, Robbie Parker, Jeremy Lucas, and more. With original music scored for the show, composed and performed by Louise Woodward.

Best of all: proceeds for this show will go to support Kenton Women’s Village, the creative, collaborative project that helps Portland’s most at-risk women by offering a new potential approach for addressing houselessness at a small scale.

Tickets On Sale March 12