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7 Deadly Sins: Sex Drugs & Rock'n'Roll

Join us August 24th at the Mission Theater as we launch our second season with 7 Deadly Sins: Sex Drugs & Rock'n'Roll at Portland's historic Mission Theater.

Tickets on Sale Now!

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7DS Presents: Pants On Fire!

On September 19th we'll have six fantastic storytellers telling outrageous-but-true tales fro their own lives - and one telling a totally made up, bald-faced whopper.

Think you can tell who the liar is? If you do, you might win a sinful overnight stay on a night of your choice at the Edgefield Hotel & Winery.And even if you don't, you might walk away with a load of valuable prizes by defeating your fellow audience members in our 2 Truths & A Lie Mano y Mano Cage Match!

Tickets go on sale August 25th!