7DS: Pants On Fire! - Jan 31 

Join us at the White Eagle Saloon on January 31st  as seven amazing storytellers take the stage to tell you seven of the most wild, outrageous, hard-to-believe true stories you've ever heard. The problem is, one of our storytellers will be lying to your face, telling a complete whopper that never happened.

Think you can figure out which ones are telling the truth, and which one's pants are on fire?

If you can, you might win a sinful overnight stay at the Edgefield Hotel & Winery.

Not sure you can guess the liar? No worries, there will be other ways to win valuable prizes throughout the evening, including a chance to take on one of your fellow audience members in our Pants on Fire 2 Truths & A Lie Mano y Mano Cage Match! At the very least, you'll walk away with seven of the best, craziest, most outlandish stories told on stage all month. And six of them will actually be true.

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7 Deadly Sins: Love Sucks! - Feb 22 

Take a break from the gooey, sugary, lovey-dovey gag-fest that is the Valentines Day Season with five tragically true stories about love gone very, very wrong.

Featuring new music from Skamokawa Swamp Opera!

Tickets On Sale January 23rd