Six Totally True Tales. One Lying McLiarpants. Winner Take All.

Join us May 29th as Portland’s wildest, most interactive storytelling show returns to McMenamins White Eagle Saloon.

Pants On Fire! features seven storytellers telling the most insane, outrageous, hard-to-believe stories from their own lives. The catch? One of those seven will actually be telling a bald-faced lie - a whopper that never actually happened. 

Think you can spot which of our seven storytellers is the liar? If you can, you could win a stay at McMenamin's Edgefield Hotel on us.

Not sure you can which is guess the liar? No worries! There will be other ways to win valuable prizes throughout the evening, including a chance to take on one of your fellow audience members in our Two Truths & A Lie Mano-y-Mano Cage Match.

Even if you don't win, you'll walk away having heard seven of the most wild, outrageous, hard-to-believe stories ever told on a Portland stage -- and six of them will actually be true.


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7 Deadly Sins: Wedlocked featuring music by Lenore

June 22 @ The Old Church

As wedding season comes crashing down around us, 7 Deadly Sins presents five new stories that grapple with a question few of us bother to ask:

What is a marriage, anyway, and what does it really mean to be married?

Featuring stories about how to cope when your marriage accidentally becomes front-paged news, who wins in a fight between love and gravity, the ways in which a breaking marriage can literally erase your past, what to do when being a good spouse means to give of yourself in the most non-metaphorical way possible, an inquiry into the question of whether or not three is always a crowd, and much, much more.

Featuring songs by Lenore, the indie folk band whose NPR declared "will help you discover the courage to start living the life you want" and Tidal Magazine called what you'd get if you crossed between Fleetwood Mac with Simon & Garfunkel and raised it in the Pacific North West.


Upcoming 7 Deadly Sins Shows: