Saturnalia: /satərˈnālyə/ (noun) The ancient Roman festival of Saturn in December, celebrating the end of darkness and the coming of light, which was a period of general merrymaking.

Join us at the Mission Theater for 7 Deadly Sins: Saturnalia, a storytelling event unlike any you have seen before. Saturnalia will feature seven nationally renowned storytellers, writers, poets, musicians, and artists as they take the stage to tell a true story from their lives — each one on the theme of one of the Deadly Sins. 

Featuring Sugarplum Gary’s Emmett Montgomery, Artist Repertory Theater’s Kisha Jarrett, the New Yorker’s Katie Nguyen, Lenore’s Joy Pearson, The Moth Main Stage’s Donna Otter, PICA’s Andrew Dickson, PDX slam poet champ Doc Luben, internationally touring violinist and composer Louise Woodward, award-winning recording artist John Shipe, Renegade Saints alum Mike Walker, and so much more!


Upcoming 7 Deadly Sins Shows: