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Now in its fourth season, 7 Deadly Sins Show is more than Portland's most creative collection of live storytelling shows. We are, according to Longreads Magazine, the first regular live storytelling show in the country to commit to paying all of its on-stage storytelling artists.

We feature wickedly true tales of sin from artists, comedians, authors, celebrities, religious leaders, and every other kind of sinner imaginable. We showcase the authentic, raw stories from these real-life sinners on how the road to temptation led them into danger, laughs, exile, love, pain, pleasure, sorrow, discovery, evil, joy, death, and even — sometimes — redemption. 

You can find out about our current collection of live shows here, which includes 7 Deadly Sins: MainStage, 7DS: Pants On Fire, 7DS: ROUGH DRAFT, 7 Deadly Sins: Voices, and our soon to be launched live storytelling reality-game show 7DS: Confessions.


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Alina Aliyar - Executive Producer

Alina is one of  Portland’s most respected storytellers. She has told stories for the MothBackfence PDXRoarPickathon, Portland Winter Lights FestivalFreeSpeechPlanned Parenthood’s Bad Dates, and It's Not Me, It's You.  She produced 7 Deadly Sins: PRIDE!, our all-LGBTQA storytelling show, and stories for Back Fence PDX.  Alina co-hosts our MainStage show in addition to other shows around Portland.  Alina is also a trained pastry chef, chocolatier, and all-round gluttony enabler.

R. Tod Kelly - Artistic Director/Executive Producer

Tod is a story coach and producer from Portland Oregon, and the creator of 7 Deadly Sins. He is also a freelance writer/journalist. He is currently a contributing editor to marie claire magazine, as well as contributor for the Daily Beast and Ordinary Times. His live stories have been featured on NPR, Dan Savage's Hot Mic, Kevin Allison's RISK!, PRI, the Pickathon Festival, and the Mystery Box Show.

Kahlie Towle - Executive Producer, 7DS: ROUGH DRAFT

Kahlie Towle is an award winning and nationally recognized storyteller. She has toured with The Moth: Main Stage, and her piece “The Real Story” was chosen for the 2016 compilation Best of RISK! In addition, she has told stories at Back Fence PDX, Russian Roulette, Roar, and Wildfang. Kahlie is also a veterinarian technician with an animal-whispering skill that we can only describe as both wondrous and eerie.


Skamokawa Swamp Opera

Skamokawa Swamp Opera is our kick-ass House Band. Band members Kyleen Austin, Andrew Emlen, Erik Friend and Jillian Raye each play a plethora of instruments, including banjo, guitar, cello, and mandolin. Their musical range is no less diverse. At any given moment in a Skamokawa Swamp Opera performance, you might hear bluegrass, Motown, folk, disco, glitter rock, early Americana, hip hop, or a Puccini aria.