Sins of the Past

J.C. Geiger: Into The WIlderness

As a young man, JC Geiger finds himself broke, loveless, possibly joined at the hip with a serial killer, and stranded in the middle of nowhere in the Australian outback.

J. C. has eaten the beating heart of a snake, been deported from a full-moon party, and spent a short time locked in a Bolivian prison. His debut book WILDMAN was named Best YA Novel 2017 by Amazon. He is also Artistic Director for Eugene’s No Shame Theater.

Daria Eliuk: Hungry Like the Wolf

When Daria Eliuk was growing up, she had two seemingly impossible dreams: to be the cool kid, and to meet (and perhaps more) with one of the members of the band Duran Duran.

For almost 20 years, Daria has been a PDX radio and cultural icon. Her resume includes DJ, comedian, stage actress, TV anchor, model, and TV weather woman.

Coco Leary: Brown Eyes Blue

Cosette "Coco" Leary remembers her father, and relates how a song can literally save your life.

Coco is a social entrepreneur & public speaker. She is also, as best as we can tell by asking around, everyone in the world’s best friend. Coco’s amazing and inspirational life story is currently being made into a feature documentary and Ted Talk.

Alina Aliyar: Totally Fine

Alina Aliyar tells an amazing tale of the durable power of friendship, the hidden cost of taking one's own life, and why the worst threesomes involve Annie Lennox.

Alina is a multiple Moth Story Slam winner who can say the phrase “Who’s Your Daddy?” in nine different languages.

Pat McCreery: I Shall Overcome

Pat McCreery explains how not to impress Joan Baez.

Pat performed at our inaugural show one year ago and was a consensus Best Of 7DS: Season One pick by fans. When he’s not on stage, he’s a public school teacher in Beaverton.

Nikole Putolsky: The Ride

In the wake of the tragedy in Charlottesville, country western artist Nikole Potulsky reflects ponders the problem what to do when your heroes turn out to be monsters.

Nikole is a country western recording artist & NPR Music darling who critics describe as having a “voice for stadiums and the heart for dive bars.” Her fabulous new album, You Want to Know About Me, is available on iTunes and

Emma Arnold: My Thug Life

When she was in junior high, Emma Arnold had an opportunity to be accepted by her school's cool kids, provided she turned to a life of crime. Which don'ts sound like it should involve Habitrails, and yet...

Emma is a comedian, writer, and bee keeper currently residing in Idaho. She is the subject of an upcomping documentary and comedy special. Her album Shut Up Calvin is currently available on iTunes.

Constance Van Flandern: Snow Globalism

When she was a kid, Constance Van Flandern believed she had found the key to popularity in a fortuitous Secret Santa drawing.

Constance is a Eugene, Oregon-based artist, writer, filmmaker, producer, and Alpha Mom. She was the art director for Uptight Citizens Brigade, and has the distinction of being the very first Slug Queen to perform on the 7DS stage.

Üma Kleppinger: It's Not You, It's Me

After a series of run-ins with infidelity with the men she was involved with, Üma Kleppinger decided to explore the question: was she the problem?

 Üma is a professional writer, author, and creative director. In her pas lives she has been a social worker, a NYC bike messenger, gogo dancer, and yoga instructor. She is severely allergic to yoga now, and considers mountain biking her "practice."

Jennifer Foreman: The Alien Among Us

After a bizarre tarot card reading, Jennifer Foreman begins to question her place in the universe.

Jennifer is a writer, poet, and social worker living in Portland, Oregon. She originally hails from Wilmer, Texas. (Probably.)

Emmett Montgomery: The Cause

When he was just 24 years old, Emmett Montgomery got his first paid stand-up gig fighting for a cause -- just not the cause he thought.

Emmett is an artist, comic, film maker, and puppet maker. He was Seattle City Arts Magazine 2015 Artist of the Year, and in 2016 was featured on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Emmett hosts Seattle’s Weird & Awesome with Emmett Montgomery show.

Andrew Dickson: Bank Shot

After living the starving artist lifestyle for a few years, performance artist Andrew Dickson decided to cash in and become the Used Car Salesman to the NBA Stars.

 Andrew’s long list of job titles include host of The Moth Story Slam, auctioneer, performance artist, founding member member of the LOFI At Hifi Show, and Mad-Men-esque ad man.

Leann Johnson: Right of Way

The day she turned 55, Leann Johnson made a decision to see power differently.

By day, Leann is the diversity and inclusion guru with the Oregon Health Authority. By night, she performs improvisational storytelling at with Deep End Theater, Girls With Heads, and The Invite Portland. Leann has also worked with The Blackonteurs, a POC improve/storytelling group, at Portland’s first ever Black Comedy Festival.

Erika Worth: The Cost of Money

Erika Worth describes learning the true cost of love.

Erika Worth is a writer and private detective. She is also the Producer of ROAR, an all-women's storytelling show in Vancouver, Washington.

Shawn Levy: Of Checks and Balances

In the process of becoming the biographer to the iconic comedian and movie star Jerry Lewis, Shawn Levy is startled to find that he also becomes Lewis's nemesis.

Shawn Levy is the New York Times best selling author of King of Comedy, Dolce Vita Confidential, and Ready, Steady, Go! He's also thee author of The Last Playboy, 7DS's favorite biography about anyone ever.

Note: Due to technical difficulties the night of the performance, the audio in this video is a bit substandard. Apologies.

Oz du Soleil: Rattlers

When he was a young teenager, Oz du Soleil believed the path to becoming a man was learning to be more like his semi-estranged father. So Oz left his mom to go live with his dad, and in the process learned far more than he thought he would.

Oz du Soleil is a professional technology trainer who is literally flown all around the world by Microsoft to teach seminars on Excel. His also hosts the You Tube channel Excel On Fire.

Stephanie Lechner: We All Live In a Yellow Submarine

Stephanie Lechner on how the road to PTSD recovery sometimes takes you directly through a celebrity-driven cult.

Stephanie Lechner is a writer and storyteller. She works for Nike, and lives in Portland.

Carlos the Rollerblader: Portlandia for Beginners

When Carlos the Rollerblader moved to Portland, Oregon, they were not prepared for how weird -- or white -- their new city would be.

Carlos the Rollerblader is a comedian, painter, and performance artist originally from Maryland. Carlos was participated in Portland's first all-people-of-color comedy festival, NW Black Comedy Festival. Carlos also hosts the Free Advice Hotline via Carlos the Rollerblader.

Pat McCreery: The Bully

As a public school teacher, Pat is a 20 year veteran of eradicating ignorance in the suburbs of Portland.  In doing so, he has culled inspiring, absurd, and unbelievable stories that collectively serve as a testament to the glories of living.

Erika Worth: Dancing Queen

Erika is a writer, artist, and private detective in Portland. She's currently working on her memoir Broken Bits and Glitter, from which this story was based.

Trigger Warning: Please note that this powerful story contains some graphic descriptions of sex, and acknowledges various types of sexual abuse.

Jeremy Lucas: The Voice of God

Jeremy Lucas was born and raised  in Birmingham, Alabama and has lived in the Portland area for the past five years. Formerly a lawyer, currently a priest, he lived in New York City and Windhoek, Namibia before moving to the Pacific NW. Jeremy lives in SW Portland with his wife, daughter, two dogs and four fish and recently avoided jail after winning an AR-15 in a girl's softball raffle. Most Sunday mornings he can be found telling stories in Lake Oswego.